Different Mediums for Railway Reservations
18.07.2013 09:41
Planning and booking a journey by train is never an issue today as there are many booking engines in place. The digital era has overcome all the confusions and delay in providing and maintaining a large database of the Indian Railways. Travelers can make a reservation for the desired train 60 days before the journey. Customers can choose to make railway reservations through:
  • The IRCTC website, which provides an easy access through any of the internet enabled devices.  It is mandatory that all users who wish to make a reservation must register the personal particulars on the website. Registered users can log in to the personal account and buy, cancel or amend tickets through the website. It is the most the popular way to obtain tickets. The online counter functions from 2330 hours to 0030 hours every day. A person can book up to ten tickets per month. Passengers must ensure to carry an original proof of identity along with the e-ticket.
  • The railway counters which function from 0800 hours to 2000 hours every day. You can make railway reservations over the counter and the centralized computerized reservation allows the passenger to book tickets between any two stations from  any ticketing counter.
  • The local or online travel agents also provide immediate assistance in finding and booking a suitable train for your journey. It is the best option for the time constraint people. Ensure to make reservations only through the railway-approved travel agents else, the ticket will be invalid.


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