Online Train Reservation – Facilitating Easy and Quick Booking of Tickets
21.06.2013 10:50

Like the airline industry, the rail network of today is quite advanced and in line with offering the latest technology to its passengers in India. To help you to plan a complete trip with hotels, train and cab bookings, Indian Railways has its official website called IRCTC. You could make your online train reservation from here. The Indian railway network is one of the largest networks in the world.

In the early days, with the absence of online booking services, you had to reserve railway tickets by going to the nearest railway station or travel agent. The serpentine queues would easily put you off with no prediction of time you would have to spend there. The online booking service is a real boon for rail commuters.

To make a reservation, one has to go to the official website of IRCTC. It requires any individual to create an account on the website and register his/her name. To book a ticket, one has to look for the suitable train and its schedule. The system offers you a list of trains to your destination. You can check for the availability of ticket in it and book accordingly by entering the passenger details and date of journey.

The online train reservation system supports many other functions. If the tickets are not confirmed, you can check the PNR status online. Also, you can know the changes in train schedules and make payment for the tickets by a credit or debit card. No doubt, the online booking today has really saved hours of waiting at the railway station.


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