Online Train Reservation Helps You Book Tickets Fast

When you plan a train journey, you have to make a reservation well in advance so that you can travel in comfort, without any tension or running behind the TTE to get a reserved seat. Ticket booking is possible in a number of ways, but the online train reservation is the popular way now preferred by the masses, especially those well versed with computers and internet.

For online booking, you have to first register your name on the website of Railways or IRCTC, wherein you will be provided with the user id and password. After that you can get all details on trains and book your ticket online. To check the train availability all you have to do is to type the source and destination stations and the date of the journey, and you will get all the trains running on that route on the specified day. Once you choose the train of your preference, check the seat availability on the train by giving the name or code number of the train and the date of the journey. The seats available in each class will be displayed along with the prices of tickets in each class. This helps you to choose the class fitting your budget.

If all the seats are filled up when you make the online train reservation, you still get a chance to book your ticket under RAC or Waiting List. Here you get a seat to travel if you are on RAC and berths are allotted if any cancellations take place. Usually a lot of last minute cancellations take place and many passengers in RAC get a berth too.

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